Flat Stanley is a paper cutout which is made by elementary children around the world.   Each class tries to find many ways for their Flat Stanley to have adventures:  some  go on vacation, some go to Iraq and some visit grandmother.
Annette's Flat Stanley
arrived in the mail from Mrs. Cowart's and Mrs. Stratton's 2nd graders at North Columbia Elementary in Appling, GA.

      Annette and Flat Stanley joined other members of an internet art group in Manhattan to see The Gates and spend two weeks doing things that only artists love to do.  He made the trip in a saffron envelope in Annette's big red purse for pictures at famous NYC landmarks. 

       So Annette took pictures and wrote a little story about Flat Stanley's adventures in NYC and especially in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in Central Park among The Gates.

       Thanks to Jacoby for sharing his Flat Stanley with us.

All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.
Dear Annette,

    We have just finished reading the story, Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  It is about a boy named Stanley who gets flattened by his bulletin board when it falls on him during the night.  Stanley has to learn to live as a flat boy. He can do many neat things because of being flat such as fly in the air like a kite, and travel around the world in an envelope.  Flat Stanley becomes a hero when he captures robbers in an art museum by pretending to be a picture in an empty frame . Eventually, Stanley does not like 
The Artists at The Gates
being so flat. With his brother's help Stanley is inflated back to normal.

     We are sending Flat Stanley on some adventures and we would like for you to help us. Please let him spend a few days with you. Then write us back to let us know what Stanley did during his trip. We would love to have a picture of you and Stanley showing what the two of you did together.

    Thank you for letting Stanley have a great vacation. We can't wait to hear about his trip and learn about the places he visited.


with Annette Bush and her artist friends
February 19 - March 5, 2005

Hello boys and girls in Mrs. Cowart's Class,

Thank you for selecting Jacoby's Flat Stanley to go on the art trip with me. We had a great time in Central Park seeing art called "The Gates." We also saw art in museums and galleries and on the street! We met lots of people who knew Flat Stanley, including Al Roker who is on TV on The Today Show.

Since Flat Stanley had solved a mystery in an art museum, he knew how to behave. But . . . he DID get into trouble in the SNOW and in one art gallery which had a BIG black poodle named Louisa. He had to stay in his big 'saffron' envelope a whole bunch! Do you know what color that is?
We took lots of pictures, so maybe you will want to go to New York City someday to see the art.

Annette Bush
 Mrs. Stratton's sister
All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

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