Flat Stanley in NYC -- Part 2
All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.
Flat Stanley says "Hello" to everyone
on the plane from Atlanta to NYC.

Flat Stanley on the Plane

After a quick limo ride, we found the apartment on this pretty street where we would stay with six other artists from Florida, Alabama, Texas, and California.

Street View

We decided to take a walk.

Flat Stanley showed us his friend on the sign who told us when it was safe to cross.

We called him 'Flashing Stanley' and watched for him everywhere we went!


We walked up Fifth Avenue to Central Park. Everyone loves Central Park. It has lakes, ball games, horses for riding, ice skating, a zoo, tennis, bike riding and a big castle and . . .

Wait! We'll show you some of it.

WOW! Flat Stanley wants to know about all the orange flags.

There's our friend, Anna. She can tell us.

She explains that the orange is saffron.  The flags are special art called
"The Gates" by the artists,
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who created them. She also said that Jeanne-Claude has hair the same color!

Flat Stanley thought that was cool.

Anna tells Annette that she is a monitor. Her job is to answer questions, to use her tall pole to untangle the 'flags' and to give out these small saffron fabric squares.

Fabric Sample

All the monitors have special jackets, like Anna's, which the artists also designed.

 Anna said that sometimes the dogs walking in the park tried to catch the tennis ball on her tall pole.

The sun and wind made the saffron look so beautiful.

Everyone had fun watching the ducks swimming in the
icy pond.

The Gates made exciting paths for all the people who came from around the world to see them.

To see all 7,503 gates, we would have to walk 23 miles of paths!

Flat Stanley was glad to ride in his saffron envelope.

All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

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