Flat Stanley in NYC -- Part 3
All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

snow tree

The next morning, Annette woke Flat Stanley for a big surprise! Big Snow!

We bundled up for an early walk to see The Gates in the snow.

walk in snow

Flat Stanley was glad he didn't have to ride on
THIS school bus, but he loved playing in the snow.

school bus

The artists wonder who threw a
snow ball at them.


Did you see anyone? Now,

where is Flat Stanley?
across lake

Is that him way
across the frozen lake?

skating rink

Maybe he's hiding near the ice skating rink!

The wind is really blowing.
billowing gates

Where IS Flat Stanley?

Brr-rr-rr. It is really cold.

walking dogs

flipped gate

We should ask Anna for help,
but she is not on duty here.

(How do we know?)

snowball holes

He must have been here . . .

Look at the snowball holes in the ice!

Maybe these people will know.


Oh, Look!
It's Alice, the Mad Hatter
and the White Rabbit!

Alice & party

We wish we could stay for tea, but they have not seen Flat Stanley,
so we must be off! We're late . . . we're late for a very important date!

horse patrol

Ah! Help at last!

Annette has Flat Stanley now.

AAB & FS in snow

She doesn't look happy even though she is wearing her favorite hat and her Flat Angel pin which her sister gave her for good luck.

"Back in the envelope, Flat Stanley."


Karen & FS on train

Later that day . . . On the train to Beacon, Karen thinks Flat Stanley needs more rules on how to behave in an art gallery.

What color is her turtleneck?
It matches Flat Stanley's shirt!


At this special museum in Beacon, even the trees look like art, but Flat Stanley thinks the art inside is very strange.
FS in Beacon

He and his new friend Josh think they have seen enough 'modern' art. They have some hot chocolate and a gooey brownie while the artists talk about their favorite artists.

Everyone liked the big sculptures by Richard Serra. Flat Stanley liked them too, because he thought they looked like giant rusty cinnamon rolls with the centers missing!


Flat Stanley promised to be polite,

so he was allowed to visit Anna's Studio.

BUT . . . There were so-o-o many tubes of paint. Oh, NO!!!!!

Anna's studio

He had to spend the rest of the day in his envelope and didn't get to see the glass blower in the village.

All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

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