Flat Stanley in NYC -- Part 4

All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.
Each night, the artists talked about all that they saw during the day. Flat Stanley took a nap instead so he would be ready for the next day's adventure.

One day, they visited a beautiful apartment on the 27th floor overlooking The Gates. Annette had invited her Cousin Nancy, an Urban Design student at Pratt University.

Hot Wheels CP

Flat Stanley and Nancy looked at the view of The Gates from high up which he thought looked like a Hot Wheels track!

AAB & Nancy on roof

Here are Annette, Nancy and Flat Stanley on the ROOF TOP of the building.

What a view!

Everyone was really cold, so we all went to lunch.


AAB & FS at Met

Flat Stanley was not very excited about being in a museum again, but he was surprised at how big the Metropolitan Museum of Art is and how much art is in it. He thought the girls in this painting by Renoir might be HIS cousins since they were created by an artist, too.

Do you think Jacoby's style of painting matches Mr. Renoir's?

FS & Matisse

2 Stanleys at Met

This new friend named Chad let Flat Stanley listen to the earphones which told about this really big painting.

Then we met these two sisters from New York who had brought a Flat Stanley who was visiting from California.

Isn't it cool that both Flat Stanleys have on Saffron shirts?

Flat Stanley decided he didn't want to see ANY MORE ART, so he wouldn't go to ANY MORE museums. "Hey, there's art on the street. No fair!"


It's Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture. "WOW! It's huge!"

And what about this one of
President George Washington?
(Sorry, we cut off his head!)

FS & Geo W

Flat Stanley thought this must be a very important place when he read the plaque:

On this site in Federal Hall
April 30, 1789
George Washington
Took the Oath as the First President
of the United States
of America.


subway girls

We met these girls while we were waiting for the subway. They were going to a sleepover. They didn't invite Flat Stanley to their party, but they asked about Georgia and Mrs. Cowart's class.

They showed us some of their favorite art.

Wall Street Sculpture

They liked this cool, big sculpture because it looks like a huge 3 dimensional cartoon.

Liberty grafitti

And they liked this graffiti

- a fancy name for painting on a building!


After the subway ride, Annette and Gail took Flat Stanley on the Staten Island Ferry. We saw these funny polka dots made by the snow on the piers.

piers with snow

We watched a big red tug boat pushing a great long barge.

red tug boat

Then we saw Flat Stanley's
favorite piece of art -
The Statue of Liberty!

Statue of Liberty


Finally, the two weeks ended and Flat Stanley decided he loves art, but he is ready to go home.
FS & Ferry

We all hugged each other and said good-bye to The Gates and New York City. The artists know our next art adventure won't be as much fun without Flat Stanley and all the friends he met!

Flat Stanley knows that ART can make

Golden Gates

a magic adventure!

Note: The eight artists involved in this adventure met on an Internet group which sends emails to each other about art.
Some of the group had a real art show of their paintings in Augusta, GA in 2003 and others painted together in the South of France in 2004. Their next adventure was to 'Paint The Aspens' in Arizona.

All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

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