Acrylic and Gold Leaf on canvas
24" x 24"         comprised of sixteen 6" x 6" panels
(61 x 61 cm;                         sixteen 15 x 15 cm panels)

  "For God So Loved The World - John 3: 16"   is the underlying theme for this painting. Looking for a way to combine old ideas about religious paintings with contemporary painting, Annette selected some familiar symbolism with some more obscure ones used by old masters to complete the sixteen panels. She has included Red life line; Morning Sun; New Jerusalem from chaos; placard ordered by Pilate; crown of thorns; sets of threes representing the Trinity; movement of darkness into light; the Blood of Christ; the ladder of the Deposition; Light of the Star; Tree of Life; Alpha and Omega; seven bars/gifts of the Spirit; five gold bars/ hope, joy, trust, faith and love; dogwood; Scripture for the Word, the Birth, the Crucifixion. There are many ways to interpret each of the panels surrounding the central cruciform composition.

Each small painting can stand alone or be combined with one, two or more pieces. Each grouping gives a whole new meaning to the Power of God's Gift.
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All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.