All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

      With her studio overlooking the Savannah River and her home only three blocks from it, Annette found it easy to take the River's presence for granted. The Tucson Interval changed that.

     Annette was hosted in Tucson by her friend and fellow artist, Frankie. From the desert with its giant Saguaros to the barrios of Old Tucson, Annette and Frankie explored with cameras and maps in hand. They did the "tourist" things and the "artist" things and together, the visitor and the new resident discovered the unique history and culture of Tucson.

      Since she had never been to this area of the country, Annette wondered how she would interpret this place with its browns, sages, yellows and purples. She wondered how to show the horizontal spaces which are filled with overwhelming heat and energy. She wondered how to uncover the famous colors of the Southwest which other artists seemed to find. These paintings are a beginning.

Desert Museum

Ansel's Arch Saguaro & Ocotillo
at Sombrero

Red Building #4 De Grazia's Gate


Red Door #323
Red Door #317
Blue Door & Palo Verde
Blue Door & Prickly Pear

Garden Wall Chapel in the Sun

All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

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