Annette painted on paper for the first time in 1977 and won her first national award two years later.  For the next 30 years, this exciting medium kept her busy - learning new techniques, teaching workshops, entering competitions, judging and exploring ideas.  She even wrote a small book on watercolor pigment, Hot and Cold Running . . . Color!

     Her watercolors are characterized by white paper, abstract shapes, minimal detail, neutral colors and texture.  Her subjects are varied but are frequently flavored with flowers, whether the focus is her neighborhood or something from one of her trips.

     Annette paints with traditional watercolor techniques and adds experimental marks, resists and textures as the Spirit moves!

     She begins each painting with splashes of color to add mystery and lost edges to her design.  Her direction varies according to her mood, her experiences and the suggestions of the pigment, paper and water!

I Never Saw a Purple Cow
All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

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Moonlight Sonata
Summer's Blue Sky


Purple Cow
Churchyard Gates
Wishing Wall 2

All words, paintings and images copyright ©1998- Annette Adams Bush.

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